About me

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More about me: I am a modern, open minded ordained wedding officiant who takes joy in making your wedding come to life. Spirituality is unique to each person but we are all on the same path….to find love, joy and meaning in our existence on this beautiful blue dot.

There should be no rules along your spiritual journey. As long as you find that which fills your soul with peace and love, who am I to say how that should happen or what you should believe? I do believe this….marriage is one of the most important commitments you will ever make. Helping you to express your love and commitment is an honor I take seriously. But your wedding doesn’t have to be serious, just heartfelt. So whether you want serious or fun, I will be there to help make it the memory of a lifetime.

I honor all traditions, beliefs and philosophies whether they are secular, spiritual or religious. I will help you create a ceremony that will fit your values, personalities and family traditions. I am open to all of your thoughts and wishes and will add my experience to really make it work as an entire memorable ceremony that will celebrate your journey into this new adventure of married life. 


I have lived in Colorado since 1964 and have always been involved in making people’s lives a little better. I’ve had the honor to be involved in dozens of weddings, ceremonies and events. I have taught art to at-risk kids, counseled and assisted the elderly through social programs and believe life is what you make of it.

Let me help you make your wedding a Bella Jour.