Wedding Fees and Information



Your wedding should be a day of celebration with no worries about unexpected costs.  The following fees and information will give you an idea of what to expect from Bella Jour Weddings. We offer and request a free initial consultation to determine the scope of your ceremony, rehearsal plans, and location. Our fees range from $150 for a super simple ceremony to $375 for an unity event. We will formalize our agreement in a contract for payment and accept cash, checks and credit cards with PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and Square. 

1. The Short and Sweet Ceremony: $150 -This ceremony uses a short text to say "I Do," exchange vows and rings, and be presented as married to meet the legal requirements.

2. The Traditional Ceremony: $300 – This ceremony is personalized for the couple and includes a rehearsal.

3. The Unity Ceremony: $375 – This is a personalized ceremony that includes the use of a special unity ritual and a rehearsal. 

Travel fees: A travel fee to the ceremony and/or rehearsal location will be imposed for locations that exceed a 50-mile round trip. We will discuss this and agree on a travel fee at time of booking.

Contact: Mary Buckley, (303) 507-4034,